Tuesday, August 13, 2013

epic phishing phail

Just got a random call from some telemarker/scammer based in Florida, telling me that they were calling from Microsoft and that my computer was infected with many viruses. This amused me and so I allowed them to pitch to me on the phone for a while.

First, the woman who could only speak in broken English with some sort of Indian accent, told me to loard up eventvwr, and to start counting out error statements.
(Windows+R, eventvwr).

Then she told me a great load of junk about how they could fix it, and they would allow me to become conencted to a 'genius' who worked with Microsoft and Cisco.

Finally, they transferred me to her supervisor, who told me they were based in Boca Raton, FL, and that there address and phone number was 4400 north federal highway, boca raton, fl


They wanted me to go to ammyy.com, which even has a warning on there web page about malicious use! Anyway, too funny. But be careful out there. If some random person calls you up and wants you to install software on your computer to connect you to a genius who works at microsoft and will fix the various problems you didn't know you had, well, be sceptical.

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