Monday, August 15, 2011

Mid August 2011

The kids spent the last week in camp, which was fantastic. Kathleen and I got a chance to go out to a few great dinners, and to spend some quality time together. It was a foreshadowing of our future empty nest, and I loved it. PJ and Sam went to Camp Chanco, a place on the James River across from Williamsburg. They had a great time, although Sam was a little disgruntled because he didn't get to do all the fun stuff he wanted to.

Anna flew up to New York and spent some time with family and then spen ta week at Camp Chingachook, a YMCA camp on a stunningly beautiful piece of property on Lake George New York. I wen tot Chingachook when I was a kid, as did my brother, and as did my father, but I believe the legacy will end there. It has unfortunately, gotten ridiculously expensive, almost three times what other camps are charging, and we just can't afford that. Too bad.

This weekend the children are all back home and catching up on CRT time after all that fresh air, so its kind of quiet around here. Oh - hey, yesterday was my birthday for real! Not my facebook birthday, nine days earlier, which is actually Anna's birthday. But a big thank you to all those who wished me a happy birthday on both or either day, its always great to be reminded of aging another year. :)

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