Sunday, July 31, 2011

Camping Anna Michener 2011.07.15

We came across this signpost while camping up in Pennsylvania at the Anna Michener cabin. Sam's comment was "Dad, I don't like the sound of that 'Dead Woman Hollow Trail', lets take the 'Blueberry Trail' instead!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Schroon Lake 2011

I just love this photo. Sam is on top, PJ is coming up the ladder, Schroon lake in background. It was a hot and lazy summer day.

Friday Night Date

Got a chance to go out with my wife last night. We went to Casanel Vineyard, one of the many new wineries opening up in Loudoun these days. Wonderful place, a beautiful piece of property. We split a bottle of wine, nibbled on bread and cheese, and listened to an Irish guitar player on the patio outside the tasting room. It was fun. Also **hot*! Like 95+ hot. Afterwards, we went to Vintage 50 in Leesburg, and had another drink there. Kathleen managed to get involved in a game of Liars poker with some guy sitting next to us at the bar. Note to self: do not bet against Kathleen, ever. We left after winning 13$, almost enough to pay for our drinks. Awesomeness.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Schroon Lake 2011

This is the 2011 'picture at the sign'

Monday, July 25, 2011

three kinds of camping

The first week of July we returned to Schroon Lake for the first time
in two years. Last year we never made it up, having widely decided
that mid to late July was the perfect time to visit Disneyworld, as it
is that magical time of the year that you get to enjoy both record
crowds and dangerously hot temperatures. But that was last year.
This year we returned to Schroon Lake.

I already posted one photo from there, I'll put some more up shortly.
It was a great time, but it is a lot of work too. It is a long drive

We got back on Satuday the 8th. The following week, the boys were in
cub scout twilight camp, from 6 to 8:30 pm each night. The boys
really enjoyed this. This was a cub scout camp centered around one of
the most fun ways boys have to spend time without playing video games.
Yes, shooting stuff up.

There were three stations at the twilight camp, and the boys rotated
through them each night. First there were BB Guns, then Archery, then
Slingshots. All very safe, all very well organized. But still, this
involved me hanging around the camp every night. This lasted Monday
until Thursday, July 14th. Then, the 15th, we moved onto the next
camping expedition.

Anna Michener was a volunteer for the Potomac Appalachian trail club,
and they named this cabin for her up in the Micheaux State Forest
about an hour northwest of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It was about a
one mile hike in on an easy trail. We spent the weekend there, eating
marchmallows and generally relaxing.

So that was three sorts of camping, in a row and I am exhausted. I
think at this point I am ready to spend a little bit of time indoors.

Saturday, July 23, 2011




My beautiful wife, after celebrating eleven consecutive 29th birthdays, has finally crossed into the 40's.  All I can say, as a veteren of this elder decade is this:


Come on in - the water's fine!


Happy birthday baby.  I love you and wish you oh so many more.

Friday, July 08, 2011

greetings from Schroon Lake 7-7-2011

This was from our dinner at "the place" (that is the restaurants actual name BTW) on Thursday night.

Going roughly clockwise from the bottom left, present was Peg, Loretta, Mom, Sam, Anna, Molly, Andrew, Sean, Mike, Connor, PJ, Me, Kathleen, and Sean.

From Schroon Lake 201107