Monday, September 20, 2010

Star Date 2010.0920

Star Date 2010.0920 -
Day four in Vegas. More bad luck at the poker tables.

I got a decent amount of sleep and headed back out the tables, but there was no action anywhere near by. I played the 2/4 game at the Flamingo, which had a table full of these crazy weird smelling old people who were just banking hours to play on some kind of promotional tournament they have there on a weekly basis. I could only take that for about an hour, so I headed up the strip and found a table at O'Sheas again. The third hand I had QQ, on a flop of J94 rainbow. I raise, a re-raise and I shove and the guy has KK and I lose my stack. I nit up and fold for two hours, and get A6o and the flop comes 578, and the turn is an A. Same guy shoves. And I call and he has A8 and I lose to two pair. I make my final poker effort at the Imperial Palace at a tournament where only five people show up, and then four more for late entries. I make it to fourth place, and am the chip leader when suddenly I lose it all in two hands of very short stacked play. So the day was something of a disappointment poker wise.

I make one last stop before I pick up PJ, at the gambler's general store. This is a very cool warehouse where they have blackjack tables, and tons of poker chips and cards, and poker books and all kinds of cool things. I wandered around for a while, and then trekked up to the mountains to pick up PJ.

We headed back to the flamingo, and got some pizza and crashed. Tomorrow we head for the see some final sights and head home.

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