Monday, September 20, 2010

Star Date 2010.0920

Star Date 2010.0920 -
Day three in Vegas
I can't drink alcohol in any large quantities these days. As a combination of the medicines I take already stress my liver and kidneys, for whatever the reason is if I have more than two beers I get a headache. On Thursday night I had about 3 half liters at the Hoffbrau house, and then two mo Anchor Steams at the Double Down, and then a mixed drink while gambling.   This morning I am paying the price for my exuberance.

Rob and I wandered around the south strip all morning, had breakfast at the Cactus Cantina, and checked out the M&M store. I got suckered into paying twenty bucks for an aqua massage and ten minutes at an oxygen bar, which was OK but did not help my condition. Rob had to get some work done, so got in a quick session of poker at the Luxor and ended up Sixty bucks in a two hour session. This was going to be my only up session this trip unfortunately.

We met up with the group later on at Tender's a very nice steakhouse at Luxor. Everything was not just food, it was hand picked this, or grass fed Dutch beef, or diver caught scallops. Food great. Service great. We even had a private room with thick red curtains, and it felt like we were having some kind of secret meeting to plan some kind of evil scheme.

Next we saw Carrot Top, who performs at the Luxor regularly. I was skeptical, but he was really good. He does a short, high energy, prop focused comedy show, and you can tell the he really works at what gets laughs and what doesn't. It was a smallish theatre, and we had front row seats. It was an awesome time.

I crashed, while the group went out clubbing until late, but at lust I felt pretty good for the next day.

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