Monday, September 20, 2010

Star Date 2010.0920

Star Date 2010.0920 -
Day four in Vegas. Phase 3: poker.

I love playing poker, and it has become something of a passion to me lately. I love the game, the math, the sketchiness. It's great fun. So I was looking forward to getting my poker on a day before I picked PJ Up at his friends house. I had breakfast with Rob and dropped him off at the airport, and checked into my third hotel of the trip, The Flamingo. The flamingo has a great location, but it also has that same aging hotel as the Tropicana. I don't care though. I next time I come down this way I am going to stay at a super Eight.

I entered a tournament at Aria, which is the big new casino on the strip, for a 100+25$ tournament, with T8000 in starting stacks and thirty minute levels. I played for six hours, and finally busted out with KhJh vs a random pocket pair, in ninth place. Still, I thought I had played decently well, and I was having a ball at the very nice poker room. They only paid the top five players, so all my effort was for nothing unfortunately.

By then it was eight o'clock and I was very hungry, so I went back to the flamingo and got some food, and then played some poker at O'Sheas, which has poker tables that stick put practically onto the sidewalk of the strip and are very noisy and fun. I kept running into these drunken bad players but losing despite that. I lost with aces against K6 to some guy who caught two pair on the turn. Crazy. So I after that I was and turned in for the day.

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