Sunday, August 01, 2010

Star Date 2010.0801

Star Date 2010.0801 -
Last day in Florida. Today, aunt Zoe and I head to the Orlando airport and flyback to DC. Kathleen, Rita, and the kids will follow on Wednesday. We spent the last day at the nickelodeon hotel, which was a mixed bag, but it was relaxing and it was nice to hang out around the pool and chill out for the day.

At night there was a teen party, which Anna was able to sneak into, and hang out with the teenagers for a few hours. Kathleen, Zoe, and I checked out downtown disney, which was Disney without the rides, basically huge gift shops and restaurants and swarming crowds. I have had enough Disney for now I think, and am ready to rejoin the rat race.

The boys watched 4d movies and played at the arcade all day, which they enjoyed I think. The Nick hotel was annoying, it was laid out like a huge motel, but it grew on me and now that we are leaving I kind of liked it.

They had a Subway in the food court, which the kids love. Anna likes a toasted ham and cheese. Sam.ices a toasted cheese. PJ likes a toasted ham sub. All completely plain. Huzzah subway! Boring and palatable, nirvana for my flavor averse childrn.

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