Saturday, August 14, 2010

more photos from Florida - getting slimed at Nickelodeon Resort

You can't see us, but Anna, PJ, Sam and myself were all getting slimed right about now.


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Animal KIngdom, DisneyWorld, July 2010

Here is the gang at Animal Kingdom, which was our second day in the magic kingdom.


Hanging out at the Nick'

Taken around 7/30, can you spot the mom in this picture?


Sunday, August 01, 2010

Star Date 2010.0801

Star Date 2010.0801 -
Last day in Florida. Today, aunt Zoe and I head to the Orlando airport and flyback to DC. Kathleen, Rita, and the kids will follow on Wednesday. We spent the last day at the nickelodeon hotel, which was a mixed bag, but it was relaxing and it was nice to hang out around the pool and chill out for the day.

At night there was a teen party, which Anna was able to sneak into, and hang out with the teenagers for a few hours. Kathleen, Zoe, and I checked out downtown disney, which was Disney without the rides, basically huge gift shops and restaurants and swarming crowds. I have had enough Disney for now I think, and am ready to rejoin the rat race.

The boys watched 4d movies and played at the arcade all day, which they enjoyed I think. The Nick hotel was annoying, it was laid out like a huge motel, but it grew on me and now that we are leaving I kind of liked it.

They had a Subway in the food court, which the kids love. Anna likes a toasted ham and cheese. Sam.ices a toasted cheese. PJ likes a toasted ham sub. All completely plain. Huzzah subway! Boring and palatable, nirvana for my flavor averse childrn.

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