Saturday, July 31, 2010

Star Date 2010.0731

Star Date 2010.0731 -
Day five. A day off. On Thursday we had planned to spend a final day at whatever part of Disney we liked best, but we were whipped. So we spent the day hanging around the pool and generally taking it easy, which worked out perfect.

Then Friday, now with Rita as well as Zoe in tow, we zoomed into Hollywood studios for an early morning arrival at Hollywood studios. We never got a chance to hit up the two biggest rides there, the "tower of terror" and "toy story midway madness" . Unfortunately it was a "magic hour day", which means that the people staying on Disney property get to arrive an hour earlier than us hoopleheads who stand in line and jealously watch them parade in. So we get dropped of by Zoe and Rita, and get to stand around watching all e privileged Disney property people sashay into the park as we wait for nine am. Finally, we break through the gate. Kathleen hurries over to the tower of terror and gets a couple of fast passes. Sam and I head for toy story. The line isn't that long, and we are able to do both rides and hear over to the magic kingdom proper by lunch time, where me meet Zoe and Rita for lunch. The crowds are actually a little bit lighter today, and we are able to a bunch more rides before we finally head back to the Nick hotel where we will spend the next two days.

Say what you will about Disney, one thing they really know how to do is move people. The whole time I felt like I was part of a well oil machine, and the most striking part is that as soon as you leave the park, all of a sudden things stop "just working" and it is only then that the genius of WDW becomes apparent. It like an iPhone. You don't appreciate it until you've spent an hour trying to get your other phone to "just work."

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