Tuesday, July 27, 2010

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Yesterday we had our first full day at Disney properties, and what day it was! We had a little bit of a late start after figuring out logistical stuff, and headed out to Epcot center. Amazing place. Kathleen had our printed plan with her, so we immediately grabbed a fast pass to "soaring", and then headed over to "test drive" a popular driving simulator. Very cool, after that we headed to "Mission:space" a space travel simulator with two levels of intensity, orange and green. Anna, pj, and I took the orange level, while sam, zoo, and Kathleen took the green. Big mistake. My older, weaker, stomach is no match for industrial Disney fun, and I had motion sickness for the rest of the day.

We finally made it over to "soaring" and a few other rides, and started to head around the lake, which has different countries all around it. We had a late lunch at a Bennihana wanna-be called "teppan edo" which had very Americanized Japanese cuisene, but e show was excellent and the children seemed to really enjoy it.

By then we had been pushing eight hours, so I took the kids back to the hotel, after stopping at the most crowded walmart I have seen in my life. It was worthy of a Disney attraction itself. Then back to the condo and the arcade, which was decided to be lame, and to the pool for a little while and then it was time for bed. wait! I almost forgot, I still had to go and get zoo and Kathleen, who were getting there Disney on until the very last hour. A quick trip back to disney, and then it was time for an exhausted sleep.

Tomorrow, animal kingdom, and sea world. A twofer! Stay tuned for details.

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