Sunday, July 25, 2010

Star Date 2010.0725

Star Date 2010.0724 -
We arrived at the condo complex today, after visiting the Kennedy Space Center for the second time in as many days. We saw a ton of wildlife at the KSC, including some feral pigs, a tortoise, a Balfour eagle nest and some 'gators. It was a little depressing to see all of these monuments to the past glories of NASA, while today there didn't seem to be a whole lot going on. Still, the scale was amazing.

Another hour on the road and we arrived at purr condominium complex, and our room is this three bedroom apartment that was enormous and really well equipped. We chilled out at the pool for a while, and then made our first venture onto Disney property, which was dinner at Fort Wilderness, at this funny restaurant where the waiters and waitresses all act crazy and do funny things. Now it's ten o'clock and I am whipped. Tomorrow: Epcot.

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