Thursday, July 08, 2010

4th of July weekend

Fourth of July weekend. After the parade, we gathered in the parking lot across from the Safeway in town. We had hoped to get ice cream at our favorite local ice cream parlor, Razzles, but they were closed for the fourth. On our way to our car, PJ found a lollipop on the hot pavement of the sun baked parking lot. It was a red charm's blow pop, and it looked like it had been sitting there for a while.

"Can I have it?". PJ asked.

"No, that's gross, just give it to me, I'll throw it out."

"But it's clean!".

"No it isn't. It's been sitting in the sun for hours. And it's been run over.". It had been. It looked like a piece of taffy. PJ gave me the lollipop but he wasn't very happy about it.

In the car, PJ asked me to see the garbage bag. "I think I see something valuable in it." he said. We were also giving some other cub scouters from the parade a ride back so I was distracted, and I gave it to him.

A minute or so later, it dawned on me, and I asked PJ "PJ, did you ask for the garbage just so you could fish that lollipop out of it?

Pause. "uh, maybe?"

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