Saturday, May 01, 2010

A calculated bluff...

I came in second at a poker tournament last night.  I love poker, its a great game.  Lots of decisions based on limited information.  This morning, there were chores to do.  One of the things I had to take care of was cleaning out one of our cars.  It had been detailed, but there were still a lot of little things in the pockets and nooks in the car.  One of them was a Leatherman Micra, a handy little foldable pocket knife.

I brought a pile of junk from the car inside and left it on the island counter in the kitchen.  A little while later it was gone.  Immediately I suspected Sam, our resident pack rat.   Sam likes shiny things, and he has had a bad habit lately of lying about it.  I asked him if the had seen the knife and he said no.  "Are you sure?"  I asked him again.

"No, but I'll keep an eye out for it."  He replied.

A few minutes later he came out to the garage yelling, "Dad!  I found it!"

"Where was it?"  I asked.

"It was upstairs by your bed"  he said.  You are so busted.  I haven't even been upstairs in  a few hours.  I know you are lying to me little man.

We walked upstairs to my bedroom.  There it was, a gleaming shiny little thing, mysteriously transplanted to someplace Sam thought I might have misplaced it and forgot about.   Sam pointed at it and looked at me, smiling.

"Sam did you put this here?"  I asked.

"No."  He shook his head.  He was academy-award perfect in his delivery.

"I am going to ask you three times, Sam.  Are you lying?"  I upped the ante.

"No."  He called.

"That's one, are you lying?"

"No, I'm not."  Again, he called me.

Time for the turn card.  "That's two.  Are you lying?"

"Wait, what happens if you get to three?"  He was probing for information.

I started to sound angry.  "If I get to three and you are lying you'll be in a whole lot more trouble than if I don't.  Now are you lying?"  I was making a move, now.  I had the nuts.  The stakes were getting high.  He had to confess.

Sam took this all in.  Wheels turned.  He went in the tank for a little while, and then he shoved all-in.  "Uh-uh!" he said, shaking his head and making a very good poker face.


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Ariana said...

hahahahaaha... love it. I used to lie a LOT when I was little even when it was OBVIOUS that it was me that had done something. The good news is, by the time I got to high school and on I've barely lied - and that's the truth! Hopefully Sam will have the same outcome ;0)