Friday, March 19, 2010

It is always darkest be-Spore the dawn

I realize that I have not been writing much lately, and for that I apologize. What more can I say? Last weekend was a blur of cub scouting goodness, with the pinewood derby district finals on Friday, and the camp in at the armory on Saturday. The camp-in, which involved sleeping on a concrete floor, left my back in pretty bad shape. I actually had an air mattress to sleep on, but I ended up sharing the air mattress with PJ, who ways about a third of what I do. And after a while the air mattress leaked, so I slept on the cold hard floor while PJ was elevated 16 inches in the air by pneumatic lift. And now my back hurts.

The next morning, at the Armory, the regular Army folks were changing over the command of the building, and as a result were preparing for a spot check of there inventory. This involved disassembling all of the weapons and counting them on tables, and the guys were fantastically nice about explaining everything to the boys and talking about what was safe and what was not. That was very cool.

Anna's Itouch resurfaced very briefly, after being lost under a friends couch for two weeks. She retrieved it, and is now claiming that it was on the kitchen counter whereupon it promptly vanished. Of course it could be anywhere. Have you seen it? Anna has been playing online poker with me occasionally, or play money of course, and is picking up on it pretty quickly.

Last night I had a very bizarre dream, and then was woken up by foolishness. The began with me somewhere in upstate new york at a French restaurant I had never been to before. I was looking for my family, I was supposed to be meeting them there. I asked if there were any specials and they told me that they had $2.25 glasses of wine, and that it was 2 for 1. I had a glass of wine and was enjoying the beautiful view. It was a gorgeous place, looking out on a huge vineyard. I had a second glass of wine and then a third, and no one had showed up, so decided to pay my bill. After what seemed like a long time waiting, I finally go the bill and it was for twenty six dollars. I tried to get someone to explain this, but the restaurant was getting very crowded and everyone was ignoring me. Finally I gave my credit card to the bartender, and he returned it to me saying that it was no good, because there was a code on the back saying that I was a retired attourney.

Then suddenly I awoke, because I heard Kathleen yelling at PJ and Sam down the staircase. It was three AM - I looked at the clock. Evidently PJ had woken up at three and got Sam up, and the two of them snuck downstairs to play Spore. They hadn't bothered to turn the volumne down. They were totally busted. PJ didn't even argue when Kathleen told him that there wasn't going to be any turns on the computer tomorrow. They just sheepishly crept back upstairs and went to bed.

So that is pretty much the long and the short of what I have been up to of late. Strange dreams and foolishness.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fun and Games at the Armory -Cub Scout Camp -- Saturday Night

This weekend we had a 'camp-in' - like a camp out, but in a big gymnasium at the Leesburg Armory. My back is still aching from that concrete floor! Zowie.


Friday, March 05, 2010

Visit to New York - Feb 2010

Another one from New York - I think we were pretty boring. Mike and Loretta couldn't keep their eyes open. LOL


Thursday, March 04, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom was complaining to me that I haven't posted anything up on my blog since the snowstorm. Her exact words were, "Just how long do I have to keep looking at that snow storm??? Yeah, I know it was a really big one, but really!!!"

So, this seemed appropriate. Its a picture from a dinner we had with her back in upstate a few weeks back. I don't know, maybe its me, are you looking a little pale, Mom?