Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Blizzard of '09

The plan was this:  

Now that we have this new tradition of spending the weekend prior to Christmas at Ed and Rita's cow house, along with all of Kathleen's brothers and sisters and there extended clan, the house down in Swoope, Virginia was going to be a little crowded.  So we thought we would bring our trailer down there.  So one week prior, I took the explorer, complete with its new 3K transmission, over to Vienna and picked up the trailer from its storage place, and parked it over by our house.

The plan was to pick up the trailer and bring it down to Swoope.  Then we could stay in it, and afterwards, we could store it down by the barn for the rest of the winter.  

That was what we had planned.   Instead what happened was this:

Skip forward to this Friday.  Now I am at work, and as I am leaving someone tells me that it has already started to snow down in Roanoke.  I take the bus home.  By this time it is around 6pm.  I pack up everything in a hurry and get in the trailer and start to make my way through the neighborhood to the main road.  I call Kathleen on my cell phone (I have a headset).  Anna answers the phone and says that Kathleen can not talk right now.  Kathleen says that I should speak to her mom, they are getting a lot of snow down there and it might not be a good idea to drive down.  So I call Rita, and speak to a bunch of people, and yes, it is snowing like cats and dogs down there.  So I turn around, and bring the trailer back to Vienna.

I get home around Ten PM, and Kathleen hasn't made it down to Swoope yet, which mildly concerns me.  I check out www.511virginia.org, which has a nifty map showing the conditions of all of the roads in the state, color coded.  Blue means moderately bad.  Pink means severe.  All the roads are either pink or blue.  There aren't any roads that are green.  We are getting walloped with a snowstorm and I have been stranded in my house.  On the other hand, Kathleen and the rest made it safely to Swoope half an hour later, and Sam gets to have the white Christmas he was pining for.  So it isn't all bad.  

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

PJ hurt himself

So the other night PJ was brushing his teeth before bed.  Of course, he had to go to the bathroom.  As is his custom, he just takes his pants off when he goes to the bathroom.

But he's brushing his teeth so I cut him some slack.  Anyway, I am standing in the hallway waiting for him to finish, and he is wailing, holding his side, and walking out into the hallway, in pain, with just a shirt on.

"PJ, what's wrong?"  I ask him.

"Oh, I hurt myself."  He is obviously in some kind of pain, 'duh' I think to myself.

"No, I mean, what happened?"

"I don't know, I hit something."

"Well where does it hurt?"

"Oh, I don't know."  He shambles off to his bedroom.

Later on, Kathleen is tucking him in, he says he still hurts."

"What happened, lovey?"  Kathleen asks him.

"I just went through all this with dad, why don't you just ask him."

Sunday, December 13, 2009

first snowfall


We got a dusting of snow last weekend, and the Starlings descended upon us, it was strangely reminiscent of The Birds

Friday, December 04, 2009

Monster under the Bed

The other morning, Kathleen got up and was getting dressed.  As she left the room I was sure I heard some rustling.

"Honey, is that you?"  I asked.


"I hear a noise in here."

"Are you sure?  I'm in the bathroom."

I heard the noise again.  Then I looked over and saw Sam crawling out from under the bed.

"Sam, what are you doing."

"Oh, hi dad, I was just going to trick you." Sam said with a smile.

(Or give me a heart attack! )