Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kathleen is Sick - putting the kids on the bus

Kathleen was sick at home yesterday, with stomach pains, and I spent the day at home watching her and trying to get her into the doctor.  Finally at 4PM we had an appointment.  The doctor prescribed a CT Scan, so from there we had to swing home, make sure that the kids were all taken care of, and then go back to the hospital and wait for a scan.  This turned out to involve hours of waiting, so I picked up the kids and went home.  Sometime later on Kathleen was admitted to the hospital for observation, and that is where we are now.  I'll try and post updates here and to facebook, its so much easier than actually *talking* to people LOL!

On a lighter note, I am playing Mr. Mom at home now.  This morning, I had to get the boy's ready for school.  Sam had after school gym class, and he needed to put on socks and sneakers.  I said "Okay Sam, you need to put your socks on now."

"I don't want to dad."

"Why not."

"I have sock issues."

I pause, and mull that over for a second.  "Okay fine, Sam, no socks."

Sam then wants to put on his red sneakers, which have laces, so I had to tie them for him.  After I did that, he said, "Dad, you tied these way to tight, but its okay, I'll just deal with it."  :^)

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