Wednesday, October 28, 2009

From Tony's Wedding

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This photo was taken with my phone at the House my cousin Karen rented for her son Tony's wedding.

L to R - My mom at the edge there, then Molly, Kellen, Sierra, Kathleen, and Flip.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Theodor Geisel

Sam had a cough when he went to bed the other night.  He put a cough drop in his mouth after he had brushed his teeth. 

"Mom, this cough drop is woefully weary!"  Sam said.

Evidently he has been reading a lot of Dr. Seuss lately.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I was listening to "Vivaldi - The 4 Seasons" while I was working at home today.  Sam came into my office.

"What are you listening to?"

"The music?"


"Uhh, its, Vivaldi."

"No, its not, its "Little Einsteins!"

"I think they might play Vivaldi on Little Einsteins.  Do you like it?"

"Yeah!"  Sam trotted off.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Two Weddings in October

The first two weekends of this month we went to weddings. This made things pretty hectic. The first weekend we traveled down to Staunton, Virginia to go to my brother-in-law Paul's wedding. This was very much a family affair. They had the wedding at Kathleen's mom and dad's property in Swoope, and the views and the weather were fantastic. It was also very cool in that the kids were familiar with the landscape, and we could pretty much let them run wild all day long. Paul and his new bride Kerry seemed very happy. It was a great time. After the wedding a bunch of us headed to downtown Staunton and found out some interesting things about Virginia. For instance, did you know that in the state of Virginia you need a license for people to dance at your bar? Two people in our crew actually got yelled at for dancing. It could of been an excuse though. Shortly after that they told us all we had had too much to drink and they wouldn't serve us anymore. Another thing that is interesting about Virginia. Sometimes they will tell you you've had enough. Strange, these southern sensibilities.

The next weekend we travelled up to New York, where from personal experience I can tell you it is legal to dance just about anywhere, and most of the time they won't stop you from buying drinks as long as you are able to speak and pay. "Its nothing but a bunch of gin-mills up there" as my wife likes to say. The second wedding was without children, mostly because of the long drive up north. The drive would normally be a treat, because driving without children, after you are used to driving with children, is kind of like walking without a backpack after you've been carrying one for twenty miles. You feel like you are floating, and walk seems effortless. This time however, the drive wasn't quite so good. Kathleen has been having some problems with our rental property that I can't go into, because its not fair to go around calling someone names like 'loser' or 'deadbeat' or 'wretched little jerk who won't stop trying to break into our washing machine and the steal quarters from it' without giving them a chance to defend themself. But without talking about these person or persons specifically, lets just say that there were some problems and they weighted heavily on Kathleen's mind. Secondly, we got a call from a friend who is helping us with refinancing our house. More bad news. The stress grew inside our car like something tangible, until it became even more overpowering than the bad smell that was coming out of the air conditioner. Combine all of this with foggy, drippy weather, and we were exhausted when we finally arrived in Geneva, NY.

My cousin Tony and his bride to be Paula were getting married in the finger lakes at a beautiful winery. Kathleen and I got a good night's sleep and we were ready for another party. The wedding was wonderful. Plus we got to see a lot of family that we hadn't seen in a while, notable Tony's brother Danny and his wife and kids, who moved up on a mountain in Seatle and our hiding from civilization out there, so we never see them and that was a treat. During the wedding ceremony Kathleen actually sat on a bee, who understandable got quite angry. She got a painful sting, and that was a drag. I tried to console her with a series of smart, witty, comments, but for some reason she didn't think I was very funny. This was the second wedding, the second Saturday, and again I stayed up past my bedtime. I ended up sitting on the sidewalk at the Hampton Inn with my brother and cousin Dan, drinking beers while Dan's sober and curiously understanding wife sat in his car at the curb with his two little ones sleeping in the back seat. It was a cool memory, and the whole wedding was a good time.

There is a price you pay for all of this socializing of course. You don't have any time or energy left for 'real life'. The bread and butter stuff. Putting the kids on the school bus. Scout meetings. Paying bills. Filing eviction paperwork. As a result the stress in between all of these fun times can get a bit tough. I am looking forward to just the next few weekends at home, relaxing, and catching up on all those normal everyday things that need catching up on. Well, at least after this coming weekend, because I'm traveling to Las Vegas for the weekend. Maybe after that. :^)