Thursday, July 02, 2009

scout night at the Frederick Keys

Last Saturday PJ, Sam and I headed up to Frederick, MD to see a minor league. It was "scout night", which was a special they run for all members of boy and girl scouts in the local area. It was a great deal, only three dollars for each of us to get in, not counting food. But it included the game, fireworks afterwards, and a big campout and a movie in the outfield after the game.

The Frederick Keys are a farm team for the Baltimore Orioles, and I think they realize that they need to keep it fun to keep people coming in the door. And they really try -- I really felt like I was appreciated, and everyone working at the stadium had a great attitude.

We left around 4:30pm, and the drive took about thirty minutes, during which PJ managed to lose his cub scout hat without ever leaving the car. How do you do that? We got to the parking lot, and filed in and sat in the lawn just outside first base. This is a whole lot nicer than it may sound. The kids could get up and run around any time they wanted to. There was a little playground just behind us for the kids to go if they got bored. Awesome.

We got some pretzels and popcorn and sat down. PJ and Sam went up to the fence and were eating their popcorn when suddenly, one of them dumped the bag of popcorn over the fence. PJ came up to me and asked if he could jump over the fence to which I said no, when the relief pitcher of the Keys, who happened to be sitting on a bench near to where PJ spilled the popcorn, ran over, scooped up the popcorn, grabbed a cup for himself, handed Sam back the popcorn and high-fived him, and then ran back to the dugout with a big grin. The kids ate it up.

After the game they let all the kdis run the bases. I mean *all* the kids, and it took a while. But everyone is smiling, and then when the bases were done they had fireworks, sponsored by the US Army, and it was a great show, made better by the fact that the were launching the fireworks just behind the stadiumand the fireworks were practically on top of us.

After the fireworks we had to leave the field, and then pack up our gear and get back in line to go back inside for camping. Once back, in, we all watched a movie on the big Jumbotron display. "Madagascar 2" in this case. By the time the movie had finished it was about 1AM, and we all crashed pretty quickly. They played Revelry at 6:30AM and we had to get out of there by 7, so it was a short night's sleep but in every other way it was really and incredible evening.

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