Thursday, June 18, 2009

Anna graduates 5th grade!

Anna had her graduation cermony tonight. Not a real graduation like from high school or college, but one of those made up graduations, in this case from fifth grade. (Update -- I have been informed this was actually a "completion ceremony", and was not a graduation ceremony. I stand corrected. Thanks Deb!)

I know I start to sound like an old fart when I say things like "When I was her age we didn't graduate until high school" but that is honestly about all I could think about during the ceremony. And it was a long ceremony, complete with multiple musical interludes allowing each class in turn to regale us with their xylophone bravado. All recorded on a multitude of parental videotaping equipment. Huzzah!

Well, anyway, I suppose it is a good thing that accomplishment is encouraged, and it was great to see Anna and her friends up on stage, all so proud about that they have accomplished.


Ariana said...

oooh my goodness, i cannot believe she is going to middle school already!!!!

Anonymous said...

To give Reid credit where credit is due... It was a completion ceremony, not a graduation ceremony. I was very happy with the wording - way too many graduation ceremonies out there.
-Deborah West