Sunday, March 29, 2009

travel from heck

I am writing this in a dark hotel room a 5am on a Sunday morning. A bad smelling hotel room that looks out over a shell gas station somewhere near an Atlanta airport that I don't want to be at. It was one of those days.

Initially the travel was okay. We sadly checked out of our hotel room after a pleasant week of vacation. I returned the rental car, and had a minor freak-out after they charged me more than they said they would.

Got on the plane, made it to Atlanta on time. We had two hours to make our connection. But there were thunderstorms. And planes, lots and lots and lots of planes. Because of the storms we were forced to circle Atlanta for half an hour. Finally we landed.

Once landed, our gate was not empty and they had no where to deplane us. We spend another half an hour in the airport on the tarmac.

Once we finally got off the plane. We had the two immigration lines to go through. We were going to miss our fight but no one cared, it seemed like everyone was missing flights. The flight departing Atlanta and leaving for Dulles was leaving on time.

Once we finally made it through customs we could go and wait in another line, at the Delta desk. They kept mumbling and told us that they would give us a voucher. At first to the Ramada, but it was full so they 'upgraded' us to a voucher to the Wellesley Inn, which was 'much nicer'. The Ramada must have been a real cesspool.

We go out to the get a shuttle to our new crappy hotel room. Of course there are a million people waiting for shuttles. I find some strange man with a van who says he will take us and a few other random strangers to the hotel for 5$ each. The strangers are dropped off at the MicroTel, and it looks clean and new. I eagerly await our upgraded room at the Westin.

We get dropped off at the Westin. Unfortunately the voucher is for the Wellesley and its on the other side of the airport. I am too cheap to pay the difference and so we cab it across the Atlanta Airport again, this time landing at the Wellsley.

There is a Disco in the Lobby. People in shiny shirts and dresses are milling around. I ask for a room. I ask if the room will be quiet, and the man behind the desk cracks a smile and says "It will be unless you make some noise!" Its around 1am and we have to be at the airport at 6:15am, so we ask for a wake up call around 5:45, it calls us at 4:15am, and here I am.

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Ariana said...

oh man, that sucks pete!