Monday, March 09, 2009

Digging up Sod

Another big skip. Sometimes it feels like this blog is an obligation, something to check off of my to-do list. And weeks go by when I don't write anything. And so much happens.

They say that as you get older the days fly by faster and its true. I remember when summer vacation seemed to last forever, and now the summer goes by in a heartbeat.

Sam is starting to sound out words and read short sentences now. He doesn't think he can read but he really can. He's getting big. All or children our kids now. We need to start thinking about packing them all into the family truckster and driving cross-country to wally world.

I worked all day in the garden yesterday, pulling up sod to make room for Kathleen's new, expanded, garden. Kathleen is very into vegetables. I also cleaned out the composter. Our first foray into composting was a failure, the stuff we put out into it just rotted and became incredibly bad-smelling. This only endeared us more with our neighbors.

The weather has been stop and go lately. Typical Virginia weather, it can not decide weather it is the spring or the winter. On last Monday school was canceled with eight inches of snow. By Saturday it was in the seventies and beautiful outside, and by Sunday I was digging up the lawn to make room for Kathleen's farmlet.

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