Sunday, February 15, 2009


Yesterday we celbrated valentines day. My present to Kathleen was to take the children to the movies. PJ and sam wanted to see 'Coraline' as did I. Anna wanted to see 'Hotel for Dogs'. We eventually reached the compromise of Anna taking a friend with her, and them going to see their movie while PJ, Sam, and I saw our own movie.

First we stopped at the 7-11, because no movie can be properly enjoyed without illicit candy. We go in, and immediately an argument ensues, because Anna can not believe that she has to buy candy that costs less than two dolllars, and she can only get one. Of course she could always spend her own money, but that really never was an option. So we get the candy settled, and Anna and her friend get, and suddenly PJ is missing.

I look all over the 7-11, its not that big a place, and when I knock on the bathroom door, I hear PJ's voice saying "I'll be right out!"

Only he isn't right out. The rest of us get our candy and go out to the car and wait, and I run back in a few moments later, and PJ is still in the bathroom. I bang on the door again, and the man behind the counter is staring at me. I say to the door, "PJ, we need to go to a movie very soon, you need to finish up."

PJ replies with the exact same phrase as before. "I'll be right out!" I knock again.

"Let me in PJ." I say, a little more serious this time.

PJ lets me in the bathroom and there is water all over the floor. I look around. The toilet is overflowing, and there is a clump of brown paper towels stuck in the bottom of it, clogging it up.

"PJ, did you put the paper in the toilet?" I say.

"Uh, no, it was there when I came in." He says in almost a whisper. He is looking at the floor.

I make PJ shuffle over to the man at the 7-11 and apologize. He is good natured about it. He says "no problem" and we leave.

I don't know what to do. I am embarassed, and mad at PJ, and don't know what he was doing. I call Kathleen and drop him back off at home. I find out later that he didn't mean to clog the toilet, he couldn't find any toilet paper and when it got clogged he got scared. But I didn't know that then.

Anyway, we go to the movies, and it was fun. Expensive fun. I got the tickets. Anna and her friend go to there movie. Sam starts running through the lobbie, zig-zagging past the girl taking tickets, like some kind of leprechaun.

One of the presents Sam got for valentines day is edible candy paper. Sam tells me he is making a valentine for Anna that says "I Hate You" and he is going to stick it in her mouth to make sure she remembers it. Anna really gets under the skin of her brothers.

This is also a three day weekend and we are takiing it very easy and enjoying the break from routine.

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