Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sam's gift for Dad

I almost forgot to tell one of the funnier stories of the holidays. Kathleen took Sam shopping for Christmas gifts, and he proudly bought presents for brother and sister, and for his dad. At the time, Kathleen told me, "I can't tell you now without giving it away, but remind me when you get his present, because I have a really funny story to tell you."

Kathleen then proceeded to tell everyone I know this story, always when I was out of earshot. Then everyone would look at me and giggle and say something like, "that's pretty funny." But i wouldn't hear anything more and eventually I forgot about it.

On Christmas day, I opened Sam's gift and it was the board game 'who cut the cheese'. Evidently at the time Sam didn't understand the figure of speech, so Kathleen explained it to him in the store. At the checkout line, Sam proudly told the cashier, "I got my dad 'Who cut the cheese' because he's the FARTER in our family!"

The cashier told Sam "I think you should tell your dad that when he gets your present' and tried (unsuccessfully) to keep from laughing.

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