Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Christmas Timeline Part III

On Friday, the day after Christmas, I worked at home, and got a few errand done in the evening. It had gotten curiously warm out, and PJ was deep into his video gaming bender. Sam was still in the pajamas he was wearing on Christmas Day.

Saturday, I had to drive up to Hagerstown, MD and empty out a storage unit a tenant had left almost thirty tires, and a great variety of all things most heinous in. It was a gruesome task. Several trips to the local dump and eight hours later, I headed home. Presumable the kids were doing things during the day, but when I got home, PJ was looking kind of Haggard and was still on his video game bender. Sam was still in his Christmas pajamas.

Sunday, we had to clean the house out in the morning, because Uncle Mike and Aunt Loretta and Molly and Andrew were driving down to stay with us! The kids were very excited about this. Also, I had the opportunity to participate in the World's Largest Online Poker Tournament! It had 35,000 players from around the world, and only cost ten dollars to enter.

Mike and Loretta showed up around Two. We unpacked and proceeded to continue the festivities we had started a week ago. Christmas is exhausting! Mike got a chance to 'sweat' me playing in the tournament, and watch over my shoulder as I played, which was a lot of fun for both of us.

Up next: Nina arrives!

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