Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Holidays - an Interlude

I will continue with my saga, but want to talk about a couple of things first. I bathed the kids again this morning, which was a good thing because Sam had been wearing his same pajamas for the four days running since Christmas and I was worrying about them actually sticking to his skin.

PJ has been on an extended Xbox bender. He's been living in the basement and has actually started to look a little like Gollum, with his big eyes and pale skin. He said to me this morning after taking a shower, "Dad, do you know what sport you'd be good at?"

"No, what sport, PJ?" I said, thinking to myself, this ought to be good."

"You'd be a good Sumo Wrestler."

"Why a Sumo Wrestler?"

"Because you're fat, and you have lots of energy."

You can not make this stuff up. (smile) I am just surprised he didn't follow up the fat part with "no offense", his favorite saying of late.

Mike and Loretta and Molly and Andrew are visiting us this morning, for a few days, which should be fun. We also need to do some cleaning, and I need to prep the kids cars for the pinewood derby. But more on that later. Back to the saga.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Holidays, part one

Let me start with a time line for these Christmas holidays. The weekend before Christmas we packed up everything and headed down to Swoope, Va for the weekend at the 'cow house', or Ed and Rita's property just west of Staunton, Va. We had a great time, and hung out with all of Kathleen's family, and I even got a chance to play some poker. Other than that we just hung out (all of us, about 20 or so) and ate food all weekend. Love that country ham. Yum.

Then, I went to work for a couple of days. I took Wednesday off for Dad-day. Dad-day is what the kids call it anyways. Third year running in the tradition of taking the little crazies out and leaving mom at home to cook, or decorate, or clean. Who's kidding who, she's got that bottle of Amaretto under one arm is watching House re-runs. Meanwhile we all went out breakfast at IHOP, where the kind waitress who looked to be about 25 told us how nice are kids were, and she should know, she has five at home herself. After breakfast we went shopping. Anna had to get Kathleen a mixer, she had burned up the previous one a few weeks ago.

"Things you break always make a good present" I told her. PJ and Sam went in on some kitchen accessories from the 'ten and under' isle.

Then we went to the movies. We say "Bolt" in Disney 3-d, which was actually kind of cool, and I really liked the movie. I was astonished at how expensive movies have gotten. For a matinee and one large popcorn and soda for the four of us cost like sixty bucks!

After the movie we went to Chuck-E-Cheese, another fave, and killed another hour, catching and spreading disease in what must be one of the germiest places known to mankind.

Armed with some prizes from the cheapest basket in the ticket prize counter, we finally headed home, where we proceeded to bathe everybody, feed them, and go look at Christmas lights. It went something like this.

"hey! look at those lights kids? Are you sleepy yet?"

"no" they all say unison. Then repeat about a thousand times. We saw a lot of lights.

Home, kids in bed. Another holiday tradition follows. Mom and dad stay up late drinking on Christmas eve. I don't know why, its really a shitty time to stay up late drinking. Must be all the peace and joy and goodwill and such, they just make good mixers.

Then came the big day. The kids come down, after waking us up and patiently waiting for dad to fumble downstairs and to grab the DVD player. Stay tuned, because next comes Christmas day!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mom, there's a guy named John on the phone!

Kathleen was at home today and the phone rang. PJ answered the phone.
A few moments went by.

"Mom! There's a guy named John on the phone. He's a stranger. He
wants to auction off unwanted household items, on December 24th.
Could you talk to him?"

It turns out someone was calling from Value Village and wanted to pick
up donations, and this is how PJ translated it.