Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'll take words that mean 'said' for 800$,Alex!

Finally got the kids to bed around 9pm tonight, after a long day of hiking, followed by a wonderful barbecue with friends. But I am whipped.

"Dad" Anna was yelling down the stairs at me.

"What is it Anna?"

"What does ejaculate mean?"

What? Many thoughts raced through my mind at once, all carrying bleak connotations. "Just stay calm" I thought to myself.

"What is the context, Anna?" I said, and bounded up the stairs in maybe three steps. The context turned out to be a passage early on in the book, Pollyanna. The passage went:

"'What is going on here?' he ejaculated, waving his hands in a gesture of impotence."

So it turned out only to be a case of an author looking for just the word to replace 'said' and using something that may have had slightly different meaning when the book was written in 1913.

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Auddy said...

this is really funny... because saturday night during a small drinking get together, a friend of my boyfriend's randomly brought up this fact: "did you know that ejaculate is another word for exclaimed?" hahaha.