Thursday, August 07, 2008

Random links and things I have been doing...

First of all, many thanks to those who have wished me happy birthday too early!! I frequently put down my wrong birthday on public websites to make identity theft a little more difficult to perpetrate on me. Instead, I use my birth year and my daughters birthday, which happens to be a couple of weeks before mine. So if you sent me an email or a card, thank you! And its totally cool, you're just a little early. (grin)

I spent the past weekend at the Pennsylvania 500, and was simpy awed by its NASCAR awesomeness. Of course I was also without the kids and spent the weekend pretty much sitting in a chair, drinking beer, and randomly hooting and hollerin', so it was pretty hard to go too far wrong.

I am almost finished watching the movie Into the Wild, a movie by Sean Penn, based on a book by John Krakauer, about a boy named Chris McCandless, sung about by the band Eddie from Ohio in the song Sahara. Chris was from Northern Virginia and loved the outdoors, and books and reading, and his story is at once tragic and inspiring. I haven't read the book yet but the movie was awesome, as is the band EFO, who will be playing at Wolftrap this August 22. Kathleen and Anna and I will be attending. Yeah!

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