Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The basement is clean

Last night I bought the boys a version of Super Mario Brothers 3 for their WII, which cost five whole dollars. I made them promise to clean the basement today in exchange. When I got home, surprisingly, they had done so. They had done exactly what they said they would do. What a shock, and a very nice one at that.

People have started asking my wife if the boys are twins. PJ is 18 months older than Sam, and taller, but Sam is stockier and he weighs more. Now that they have been out in the sun all summer Sam's reddish hair has lightened up to the same Billy Idol blonds color PJ has. The boys are in day camp this week and loving it. Anna isn't even here, she is at sleep-over girl scout Camp down in the Allegheny mountains. Kathleen is loving all the quiet time I think.

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