Thursday, June 19, 2008

a Wednesday Night without School or Anna

PJ had a tooth pulled at the dentist today.  Surprisingly, he got the novocaine, had his toothe pulled and it was no big deal.  He is such a sensitive little guy, he can be surprisingly tough and it always catches me off guard.  Sam, on the other hand, is much more thick skinned, even now.

PJ, brought home his tooth in a special plastic box from the dentist, and he was very excited about leaving it for the tooth fairy.  Sam got into the box while it was left alone for a moment, and dropped it on the kitchen floor, where it promptly dissapeared.  "Oh, sorry!"  Sam said, and raised his arms in the air.  Sam does that about forty times a day now.  Its infuriating.

We could not find the tooth.  PJ was very upset by this.  I told PJ he just needed to write a note to the tooth fairy, which he did, in his scrawling, left handed letters.  He drew a small stick figure on the right hand side of the note.  "What is that?"  I asked him.

"That's me with a sad face."  He told me, his shoulders slumped. 

"Its okay PJ."  I told him.  "Here, I'll sign the note too so the Tooth Fairy will know to believe you." 

Anna was gone for all this, sleeping over at a friends house for the second night in a row.  Despite her grating personality, she always manages to find lots of friends to play with, perhaps through force of will alone. 

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