Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Twenty Questions

Sam and are driving to the Eye doctor for a follow up appointment to
my LASIK surgery this Saturday.


"Yes, Sam"

"You wan't to play twenty Questions?"

"OK, sure."

"I'm thinking of something."

"Is it an animal?"


"Is it a vegetable?"


"Is it a mineral?"

"No. Ask me if its a place."

"Okay, is it a place?"

"No, but do you want to here a hint?"

"Okay, sure, give me a hint."

"They sleep all day and work all night."

What? Now I'm curious. "Ok, Sam I give up. What are you thinking of."


Note to self: Ask Sam what he thinks Chinese means. "Well, okay, I
guess you got me that one, my turn now."

Then a pause, then he says "Nacho"


"I said Nacho!" he said, "When I say Nacho you miss three turns."

It was then I knew it was going to be a long drive.

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