Thursday, May 22, 2008

How I feel by Anna Shaw

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Anna gave me this story she wrote last night. She was very mad at me because Mom planted seeds in Anna's garden and didn't let Anna plant any. My crime was that I told Anna she was over-reacting, and that she was taking a small problem and making it into something worse.

The reason I said that is because she dug out all of the gardening stuff Kathleen had used, and brought it up to her room to look for seeds. In the process she spilled several cups of topsoil on her bed. She also emptied the garbage can in the kitchen and left the contents on the kitchen floor. She also forgot that the downstairs bathroom was clogged and used it anyway, spilling toilet water all over the bathroom floor.

But clearly she disagreed with me, and this is how she explained to me how she felt. Anna is so awesome.

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Shaw Family said...

lovely artwork, the expressive composure is sure to delight any proffesional art manager.


PS the shaws in new york have a homepage HA-ZAH!

Molly S.