Thursday, March 13, 2008


Our dog Dana is appearing to have a split personality. Most of the time she is your normal dog; happy, lazy, friendly. When we first got her I used to joke that she was a little lacking in the brains department. Maybe she heard me.

First off, Dana is extremely friendly. When kids come over to the house I tell them I tell them that Dana is an attack dog and they all laugh at me. She has never bitten anyone, is extremely affectionate, and if no is generally very needy of affection. She also is a little timid. She sleeps in Anna's bed, but sometimes will hide under Anna's bed during the night. This is pretty funny because Dana weighs probably 80 pounds, and can barely fit under her bed. When I wake up Anna in the morning, I hear the "thump-thump-thump" of Dana's tale, as she squirms out from her hiding place that is only barely larger than her torso.

But Dana has a dark side. She's kind of like Batman. Well not really. Maybe if Batman was a dog and really liked cereal. When no one is around to watch, she likes to get into things and chew stuff up. Last night, for example, she went downstairs, got into the pantry, got an opened box of Lucky Charms off of the shelf and brought it up to Anna's room. As if that wasn't enough, she also brought a roll of paper towels still in the plastic wrapping. Then she opened the box of Lucky Charms while up in Anna's room, and chewed up the paper towels. I guess I should be grateful, if she had gotten the milk there could have been a real mess.

Another time Dana was left at home by herself. She went upstairs and into Kathleen's office, and opened the closet door, and retrieved a skein of yarn. She then took the yarn downstairs, and only then began to methodically chew it up into pieces. What I found interesting is that I am not sure how Dana knew the yarn was there. I mean, did she methodically go through all of the closets upstairs until the she found the yarn and then say, "yeah, yarn, I can work with that" to herself and take it downstairs? On occasion I have been known to wake up and go downstairs to the kitchen and have a midnight snack. Dana usually wakes up and comes down to join me, but not until I either open the refrigerator or pantry door. I can be knocking around for half an hour, but when that fridge door opens, I can here the strange waddling noise as she un-squeezes herself from under Anna's bed. So I half to revise my original assessment of Dana, that maybe she isn't lacking in the brains department. She just chooses to appear a little simple, at
least until you're not looking. I can live with that.

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