Thursday, February 21, 2008

Anna wants to design a game

Anna has been playing on Disney's online game for kids, "TooonTown"
lately. This is a large immersive 3-d world created for children to
play, and it has toonishly realistic 3d graphics, a slick user
interface, andlots of neat design features. Clearly some team of
rockstar software developers have been hard at work designing this
game, probably for several years.

This morning, Anna tells me that she wants to design her own onliine
game. Its going to be like ToonTown, she says, only it will be set in
Antarctica, and have Penguins and Walrus's. She shows me a few pages
of sketches she has drawn, and asks me to help her build this game.

I explain to her that building an engine to drive an online
multiplayer role playing game is something that takes many skilled
developers months if not years to develop. She doesn't care. I
tried to convince her to start by designing some kind of smaller game,
but she didn't want to here it.

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