Sunday, December 30, 2007

the Cost of Dark Green

We have been hanging around the house all week and a lot of the time the kids have been playing a bunch of games they got as Christmas presents.  My mom and I were drinking coffee in the dining room, when over in the Den a fight broke out.  I tried to figure out what was going on.

Anna told me that PJ and Sam were fighting over which color piece they got to play in the game.

"... and then I told Sam he could have the green piece, but PJ wanted the green piece also.  And then I thought we were okay because there was a dark green piece and a light green piece, but they both wanted the dark green piece."

"So PJ and Sam are fighting about who gets the dark green piece?  PJ why don't you just take the light green piece?"

"No!  I want the dark green piece."  PJ said.

"I want the dark green piece!"  Sam said.  They started fighting again.  I just wanted to leave the room, but they were all looking at me, expecting some kind of solution.

"Okay, PJ, how about I give you a quarter, and then you take the light green piece.  Is that okay with everyone?"

"That's good."  PJ said.

"No!  I want the quarter and the light green piece."  Sam said.  Sam started to do his little tantrum dance, bouncing around on his toes like a nervous horse.

I thought for a second.  Had a heavy sigh.  I sigh a lot in situations like this. "OK. PJ you get the light green piece and a quarter, and Sam you get the dark green piece and fifteen cents.  Is that fair?  Sam?"

"Okay"  Sam said.

"That's okay with me."  PJ said.

And that was it, I was able to resume my coffee.  But I had the last laugh.  I never paid them and they forgot about it.  Ha!

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