Wednesday, November 28, 2007

That boy is a nut!

After bed, PJ is calling down from the stairs, "Dad!  Dad!"

"What is it!"  I yell back, annoyed.

PJ has his hands stuck down into his pajama bottoms.  "I found a middle nut!"  he tells me.

"WHAT!"  This can't be good.  I am envisioning a trip to the emergency room, or at least a long, awkward talk.

"I found a middle nut!" 

"Come down here and show me what you have."

It is only by the time he has come down the stairs that I determine that he is very excited about the METAL nut he found under his mattress, and is now holding in his hands.  I take it from him and put it with my tools, shaking my head as I walk down the stairs to the basement.

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