Sunday, November 04, 2007

I'm just not into it - Nov 7, 2007

My mom came down to visit on Friday, which is always a fun time. She showed up Friday afternoon, and my wife immediately left town. Ha! Just kidding. Not quite immediately, but the following morning, Kathleen and Anna took off to go to some Girl Scout camping trip. I could never get her to go camping, but when the Girl Scouts calls, suddenly she becomes Davy Crocket, and starts putting on my clothing and cheerfully heading out the door with my Flannel Shirt, my fleece jacket, my backpack, sleeping bags and all the other gear. Go figure.

So Saturday morning Mom and I took PJ and Sam to his soccer practice. Its a beautiful day, although the fall weather is finally starting to hit us. We get to the soccer field and Sam runs off to join his team, the "the mini strikers." PJ disappears under a tree with his gameboy, huddled up against the glowing screen for warmth. Suddenly the coach is asking for volunteers. I stand up, and he say s to me, "OK, we're just going to do the same as every week, ok? Just take these six kids over to this field and they'll do the rest."

"Like last week?" I am thinking to myself, "you mean when Kathleen took Sam?" So I go over to the field and wing it. Basically, you throw a soccer ball at a bunch of four year olds and they swarm over it, like goldfish after a cheerio. Then they kick the ball around the field until it eventually kick it out of bounds, at which point you tell them, "new ball!" and throw another ball in the field. Then you go chase down the old ball, which by now has rolled down into some gulley somewhere, and repeat the process.

I notice that Sam is over by my mom, standing next to her. He looks upset. I run over there. I am getting a lot of running in today. "Sam, they need you out on the field." I say to him, thinking to myself, "If you are gonna just sit here why am I out there chasing around soccer balls?".

"I don't want to."

"Why don't you want to play, Sam?"

"I'm just not into it?"

What? He's just not into it? "What do you mean, Sam."

"I'm just not into it."

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