Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Not Age Appropriate

This weekend we addressed a couple of movie issues with the little kids. While I know what the movie ratings are and what they mean, there are a couple of tricky issues that you run into while considering them.

"Trasformers", the recent big budget action movie based on the inexplicably popular robotic toys, is one good example. Its a spectacle of a movie, and the special effects are astonishing. But there are a lot of locker room jokes that give the movie a PG-13 rating. Mostly I think this was a marketing tool to get all the kids who are not quite old enough to get into PG-13 movies more interested. PJ, of course, had already seen the movie at a friends house, ignored all the pottie humor, and spent the two hours explaining to me who all of the autobots and decepticons were. I don't think he even noticed the human actors. He just wanted to see these cool robots change shape. I needn't have worried about Sam either. He just got on the couch, made himself comfortable, and promptly fell asleep.

Later, after the kids got a bath, Kathleen and I were sitting in our bed when one of Kathleen's all time favorite movies of all time came on. Yes, "Pretty Woman." Anna is sitting on the floor doing something, Sam is now asleep in his room, and PJ is flopping around in the bathroom like an oversize carp. I say to Kathleen in a whisper, "Are you sure this is age appropriate?"

Kathleen waves her arm at me. "Its just Pretty Woman, besides, its been edited for TV."

A few minutes later, we get to a scene where there was nothing graphic, but there was very strong implication of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere doing, well, certain things together. "Uhhh, Kathleen, I'm not sure if this is..." I started to say. Kathleen grabbed for the remote control.

"This isn't age appropriate, is it?" Anna said, being helpful. Kathleen switched the channel. "Oh, I had put a towel on my head, but that works, too."

Just then Sam woke up and came down the hall towards us, screaming like a buzz saw. We invited him up into bed with us. He crawled in next to his mom and screamed at her. Anna was next and she got into bed with us, in between Kathleen and I. I went to check on PJ, and found him in the bathroom, with his underwear stuck around his ankles, sitting on the floor and shivering. He had gotten stuck. I helped him put his pajamas on, and then he followed me back into bed.

We sat there for just a few minutes, and I couldn't help but think what a special moment this was. I tried not to dwell on the fact that we were watching a movie about a businessman who falls in love with a hooker. But the kids are getting older, and soon we won't have moments like this anymore.


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