Thursday, October 25, 2007

I am sorry for my lack of postings. I know I have just been terrible about posting new stories up here. It is not for a lack of funny moments. The things that happen, they happen have sort of a half life, and the longer you wait before you commit them to pen and paper (or bytes and electrons in this case) the harder it is to vividly recall them. So many funny things, so many cute moments, always happening around me.

PJ missed the tooth faerie last Monday night. We explained to him the next day, "Sometimes, when a boy or girl stays up too late, the tooth faerie won't come in. PJ was very worried, but he happened to ask Anna if this had ever happened to her. "Oh, yeah," Anna said, "the tooth faerie missed me a bunch of times."

"What happened?"

"I just left it under my pillow, the tooth faerie usually comes the next day."

"Okay." PJ was very relieved. I also was able to substantiate the fact that we have a very unreliable tooth faerie in this household.

Anna and I go to "High School Musical... on Ice!" tonight. It is somewhat bizarre how modern youngsters have become so enamored with the HSM mythology. I don't get it. Maybe its just that they had never seen or heard of a musical before, and HSM was just jumping up to fill the void. A friend of mine was complaining that his daughter wanted to be Gabriella for

I watched Sam play soccer on Saturday. The kids ran around kicking the soccer ball. It hardly ever went in the goal. Instead, the crowd of 5 year olds jsut swarmed around the ball until someone kicked it off in some random directions, and then the coach would just produce another and throw it into the swarm and tell them to keep playing. The kids had a ball! I don't even think they noticed the score, if there was one.

I have been yelling up a lot lately. Mostly things like. "Put on your shoes, we have to leave." Then, "Please put on your shoes." Then, later still, "PUT ON YOUR SHOES NOW!"

"All right, all right, if you would just ask me nicely I would do it. Why do you have to yell all the time.

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