Sunday, October 07, 2007


I have removed the Simpsons movie widget from the right hand side of the blog and replaced it with a widget promoting Wes Anderson's (Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums) new movie The Darjeeling Limited. Have not seen this movie, but I love the older ones, and I am really like his inclusion of The Kink's "Lola vs. Powerman" tracks. All good stuff.


Molly S said...

ello uncle pete. It's cousin molly!:D anyway i want to start a blog but my dad won't let me til he talks to you. so please email him about how respocible i am and how you can like put all these cool thingy's on our computer to make it so i can't un respocible. any way just talk to him for me cause he was gonna call u anyway so why don't you email him..for me..your loving cousin. i know i can talk for a long time. it's my specialt..i spelled that wrong:/. anyway just email him pweez. 10Q

your loving and FAVORTIE neice


Molly s (your neice not cousin :D) said...

lol i called myself your cousin:D
that was a mistake cause i'm your NEICE
I'm not nearly that old yet
don't you just love me
and to'll get nothing but older!:D
Oh by the way tell anna,pj, and sam i say hi:D love you all tootles!!