Saturday, August 25, 2007

Notes from the Dog Days

Not much going on here today. Kathleen is sleeping in, we are taking
it easy for a change. A week ago I was in Vegas for training, and
then I caught the red-eye flight to Dulles, hopped in my car at 7AM,
and drove out to Bethany beach, going for 36 hours without sleep in
the process.

Mike and Loretta and kids were at the beach house, and we all hung out
and went crabbing and went to the beach. Ed and Rita were nice enough
to put up with the lot of us. It was a blast, but after so much
traveling it was nice to get back home.

Summer is almost over! We are anxiously awaiting having two children
in full day school, and to kicking back a little bit. Next up:
Sampson State park for Labor day weekend.

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