Monday, June 04, 2007

a Weekend at home

Friday night Anna had her 'bridging' ceremony, where she and the troop made the jump from Brownies to Juniors.  Queenie, aka Kathleen puts a lot of work into her Girl Scouting, so this was yer another occasion for to showcase her organizational talent.  The brothers were not in attendance; they were staying with a neighbor.

When I went to pick them up, Sam was gone.  He showed up minutes later.  I asked him, "Sam! where did you go?"

"I went to our house because I missed mom.  But she wasn't there so I came back."  This is about 2 blocks away.

"You went home?"  I asked.  Nothing Sam does should surprise me anymore, but he still manages.

"Uh-huh."  He shrugged his shoulders.  I talked to him about it for a while.

PJ was enjoying the fact that I was around all weekend.  He would frequently come up to me and mumble.  "Uh, dad?"

"Yes PJ?"

"What are you doing?"

"I am working on our finances for the apartment building.  Why?"

"Uh, well, I was wondering if when you were done with working on the finances for the compartment building you could" his voice dropped into low voice that sounded like Eyore "something something."

"You want me to what?"

"I was wondering if you would, " I was listening closely now, "play Oblivion with me."  Oblivion is one of my Dungeons and Dragons type games that I usually only let him play when I am there.

"Ok, PJ."

"Great!"  His eyes light up with a smile.  I go back to work.   He is just standing there, looking at me, expectantly.



"As soon as I am finished here, OK?"

His voice shifts back into a mumble.  "Yeah."  PJ shuffles downstairs, but later on we do get to play Oblivion, and it was Awesome!

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