Sunday, June 17, 2007


I am cooking breakfast for Sam this morning, (yeah, I know it's father's day, go figure) or brunch, as he specifically asked for.  Kathleen is out doing her weekly grocery shop.  Sam tells me that he wants Pancakes and a Grilled Cheese sandwich.  I guess he figures that Brunch is just Breakfast + Lunch, which sort of makes sense.  But this provokes a fight.  I actually call I don't want to give Sam his cheese sandwhich until he finishes the pancakes.  Sam wants them both at once.  Eventually, he concedes the pancakes first, and I serve them up.  But he wants them cut up.  Which I do.

"No, I want them cut up into squares!"  Sam says.  Clearly, I am doing this all wrong.

"But I cut them into pieces."  I say.

"I want them cut into squares."

"Sam, I tell you what.  I will write Mom a letter and tell her that I apologize for cutting up Sam's pancakes wrong.  Will that be ok?"

"What will it say?"

"What will what say?"

"The letter."

"You want me to tell you what the letter to mom will say?"


"It will say Dear Mom,  I am truly sorry for cutting up the pancakes of our beloved youngest child in a way that was not to his liking.  Love Dad"

Big pause.  "Ok."  Sam starts eating his pancakes, finally.

Anna is very stoked up about her Webkins, which is a stuffed animal linked to a virtual Pet that you can nourish and play with and buy things for.  Of course this takes points.  You can make the points by playing little games.  I here her telling a friend, "I just get PJ to play those games for me, he's a lot better at it than I am.

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