Thursday, April 12, 2007

you little devil

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Sam has been busy lately. He keeps taking things. For one thing, he keeps grabbing the trrackball out of the computer in the front office. This is really annoying. He then hides it somewhere, and forgets where it is. So I can either go looking throughout the entire house for a 1" red ball, or go buy a mouse.

He likes to push buttons. Anytime he wanders into into the computer room, he turns all of the computers off, and starts pushing buttons on the fax/copy/print/scanner until something *interesting* happens, whatever that may be.

He and PJ snuck down to the basement the other day to dneak some ice cream. Sam decided that the dial was too inviting. So he gave it a good twist. All the way from COLD to OFF. Hours later, I walk by the freezer and think to myself, "that's odd, I don't remember that large puddle of melted ice cream being there." That kid can really test your patience.

UPDATE: My wife has reminded me of something I left off. Sam has, twice, over the past few weeks, called 911, including once when the police actually showed up! He likes talking to people on the phone, and its an easy number to remember. Question: does anyone know of some way to have your phone BLOCK calling 911? (just kidding of course).

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kathleen said...

You forgot to mention the calling of 911 -- twice!