Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sam tells it like it is

(Sorry for the long delay in posting.  No real reason, just lazyness.  -ed)
Sam was eating dinner the other night.  He was slurping down a big bowl of spaghetti.
"Sam, are those good noodles you are eating?."  I asked, having fun with him.
"Yes" he said, and continued eating.
"But," I said, teasing him, "are you full of noodles, or are you full of beans?"
"I'm full of noodles."  He said, barely looking up frmo his bowl.
"No, I think you are full of beans." I said and smiled at him, laughing at my own joke. 
"NO! I AM FULL OF NOODLES,"  Sam barked at me, then added, "YOU IDIOT!"
Kathleened chimed in and berated Sam in a stern voice for the use of 'idiot', a word we don't let our children use, even when their parents are being particularly obtuse.  I sat there and kept my hand over my face and tried to keep from laughing.

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