Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Weekend Approaches, and the Circus is in town.

The kids all went to the Circus Wednesday night.  They are lucky enough to have a grandmother who feels she was deprived of Circus fun as a child, and is not determined that her grandchildren will not want when it comes to all things Circus-ey.
This includes overpriced spinning flashing toys, junk food, the works.  My kids are lucky.  And, to a lesser degree, I am lucky.  Lucky that I got to hang out in the Eight Ball Cafe and play in a poker tournament while my children were watching the elephants, clowns, and acrobats.
PJ paid the price though, as did we, when he woke us up in the middle of night, throwing up cotton candy and popcorn in his bed. 
I asked Kathleen how the Circus was.  "Ehh," she said and made and indifferent gesture, "it was okay."
A few minutes later though, Anna came running down the stairs and ran up to me and said, "Dad!  The circus was really, really awesome!"  Kids just love the circus.

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