Thursday, March 15, 2007

More Sam-isms March 15th, 2007

While we were on vacation, Sam was found hiding in Anna's room by himself, sitting in her pink butterfly chair. "What are you doing, Sam?" he was aske.

"I am king Sam" he declared.

Today, at dinner, Sam was complaining about the potatoes and how he didn't want to eat them. I look at him, half seriously. "Talk to the hand, Sammy" and I held out my hand in front of him, defiantly.

Sam looked at my hand and smiled. "Hello hand" he said, and then he started laughing.

This morning, Sam was mad and said to Kathleen, "Mommy, if you make me mad at you one more time," he paused and took his forefinger and drew it sideways across his neck, making a "phhhhhht" noise.

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