Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cheesburger in Paradise March 7th, 2007

If you ever travel to the Carribean, i highly reccomend that you check out St. Martin. If you do check out St. Martin, I highly reccomend you check out Orient Beach. And finally, if you do check out Orient Beach, I most highly reccomend that you check out the Pirate bar. The beers are cheap, the food simple and good, and the people working there are exceedingly friendly. Kathleen has made it her business to become a fixture there this week. I am more restless, today I am wandering around the crowded town of Phillipsburg. There are five large cruise ships in town today, and the town is flooded with people. They are like Anchovies. They travel in swarms, and they both arrive and leave suddenly. Still, it is a cute old town. The week is half way over, sigh. Today we meet our friends Rob and Tina, who are arriving and leaving a little bit later than us, leaving us with a three day overlap to hang out.

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