Thursday, March 15, 2007

More Sam-isms March 15th, 2007

While we were on vacation, Sam was found hiding in Anna's room by himself, sitting in her pink butterfly chair. "What are you doing, Sam?" he was aske.

"I am king Sam" he declared.

Today, at dinner, Sam was complaining about the potatoes and how he didn't want to eat them. I look at him, half seriously. "Talk to the hand, Sammy" and I held out my hand in front of him, defiantly.

Sam looked at my hand and smiled. "Hello hand" he said, and then he started laughing.

This morning, Sam was mad and said to Kathleen, "Mommy, if you make me mad at you one more time," he paused and took his forefinger and drew it sideways across his neck, making a "phhhhhht" noise.

Monday, March 12, 2007

A quick shout out!

... to my mom and my wife's mom, Ellie and Rita.  They came, they staid with our children and watched them, and now they are gone.  Without this wonderful help we couldn't really vacation-- we would have to bring the little darlings with us, and well, it would be nice, but it wouldn't be an adult kind of lets-get-drink-pena-colladas-on-the-beach type vacation, and that is what we needed most.  A chance to have conversation, to sleep in, and to not spend every waking moment in the care and feeding of those small and needy creatures. Anyway, thanks a bunch!

we're back! Mar 11th, 2007

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We just got back late Saturday night, after a horrible flight home. Of course, the children were so glad to see us they rewarded us with one full week of pent up whining and fit throwing. Back home! Yeah!

This is a photo I took from the sunset bar, which is on a beach in St. Martin directly under the airport landing path. Sometimes people hold the chain link fence and they can feel the last of the jet engine against them. For some reason, I felt no earthly desire to attempt this.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Last full day at St. Martin

Tomorrow we fly home.  Aww, shucks, and we were just getting the hang of things.  Today I go with Rob and check out the Lottery Farm, which is this cool place in the interior of the island where you can ride zip lines and climb trees.  Kathleen remains faithfully at the Pirate bar worshipping the sun and relaxing. 

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cheesburger in Paradise March 7th, 2007

If you ever travel to the Carribean, i highly reccomend that you check out St. Martin. If you do check out St. Martin, I highly reccomend you check out Orient Beach. And finally, if you do check out Orient Beach, I most highly reccomend that you check out the Pirate bar. The beers are cheap, the food simple and good, and the people working there are exceedingly friendly. Kathleen has made it her business to become a fixture there this week. I am more restless, today I am wandering around the crowded town of Phillipsburg. There are five large cruise ships in town today, and the town is flooded with people. They are like Anchovies. They travel in swarms, and they both arrive and leave suddenly. Still, it is a cute old town. The week is half way over, sigh. Today we meet our friends Rob and Tina, who are arriving and leaving a little bit later than us, leaving us with a three day overlap to hang out.

Monday, March 05, 2007

St Martin Day two

I broke down and rented a car today. It is a vice of mine. I love bombing around the twisty, hilly , island roads in some tiny clunker of a rental car. Kathleen had a massage and spent the day resting under the sun.

St. Martin is a beautiful island, but it is frequently marred by overdevelopment. Vars are everywhere, and traffic is horrendous. Also, they seem to be building new hotels rather than fixing up the older ones. These complaints mostly apply to the dutch side of the island, and thankfully we are staying on the french side, so we avoid most of the commotion. Ahhh, vacations are blissful. Peace. :^)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Greetings from St. Martin

Hello! I am typing this from the lobby of the La Plantation hotel kin beautiful St. Martin in the caribbean. The grandmothers have our children in Leesburg, and Kathleen and I are enjuoying some sun and recreation. Bliss! The weather is wonderful here, and the coffee is good and the beer is relatively inexpensive. I will write more later, I am currently pressed for time, I am trying to squeeze in ten or twelve more hours of sitting on butt here, and there are only so many hours in the day. Current book I am reading: Cell, by Stephen King,.