Thursday, February 22, 2007

Some bad new - February 22nd, 2007

On Monday Kathleen went into the hospital for a minor procedure, which turned out to be more of a major minor procedure than we were led to believe.  The really really good news is that there were no traces of cancer found.  The bad news is Kathleen is still recovering, and it will be a week or so before she is really on her feet again.  I have been trying to play 'Mister Mom' as much as I can during the evenings, and they have been very tolerant of my situation at work, so all things considered I feel we have been very fortunate.  Of course, by the end of the evening I am saying things like "Please just go to bed now, children, Daddy's about ready to 'wig out' and we don't want to see that happen now, do we?"
The second piece of news is that Kathleen's Uncle Bill passed on this week.  His health had been failing of late, and now he isn't suffering any more.  Bill was a kind and funny man.  He was always willing to help and I always enjoyed speaking with him.  I will miss him a great deal.

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