Wednesday, January 10, 2007

January 10th, 2006

Anna is selling girl scout cookies. Its time of year again. This
year her goal is to sell 200 boxes. Anna is good at selling girl
scout cookies. She has that sort of unflinching courage I never had
when it came to knocking on doors. She marches up, knocks on the
door, makes her pitch, and moves on. Of course Kathleen is following
her at the curb with her minivan.

I have taught Anna and PJ to play Texas Hold 'Em poker. PJ has an
interesting strategy. He looks at his cards patiently, then the pot,
and thinks to himself, making a "hmmmmm" noise. Then, he says slowly,
"Well, I think I'll bet this stack of RED chips." and takes an entire
stack of chips and puts the entire thing in the pot as his bet.

He beat me twice.

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